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Early in 2019 The Mechanicals Band were given a small commission by the Coventry based Shoot Festival to make a short show about the life and work of Coventry born poet Philip Larkin. The show was a combination of live music, using the poet’s words, and a series of scenes exploring biographical detail of Larkin’s life. Titled ‘The Righteous Jazz’, the show was well received and the group were encouraged to apply for Arts Council funding to develop the piece further.

Funding was given and the group resumed work with theatre director Connor Alexander (Bladder & String Theatre), actors Lisa Franklin and Steve Brown and after a period of research and development produced an expanded hour long version of the show.

Two showcase performances of The Righteous Jazz were played at venues belonging to partners Hull Truck Theatre and The Tin Music & Arts in Coventry, in late 2019.

The group hope to tour the show in the autumn of 2020 and produce a recording of the music featured in the show.

Live Review of 14/11/2019 - HERE